Chapter 2: Who Made the First Bulgarian Graffiti?

Chapter 2: Who Made the First Bulgarian Graffiti?

20 years later the argument continues. Where did it all start – Sofia or Targovishte?

The story is told by MAD, SGB or Маxо, Nasimo, Еsteo, ХРОМЕ и Yoko from The Top Stoppers/BassYYokoto/Stick Insect

Special thanks to Bulgarian rap band NISHTO! who lent us samples from their pioneering 1994  EP “Shte razdavam pravosudie”.

Additional voices by Martin Petrov, Juri Rahnev and Miroslav Christov. Additional sounds used 
under Creative Commons:  Sound from http://www.freesound.org/people/klankbeeld/, 
Gunshots by WIM CC BY 3.0 on Freesound.org; , CC BY-SA 3.0  on Radio Aporee; 
Shaking a box of paint spray and spraying by magnus589,CC Sampling Plus 1.0 on Freesound.org, 
"Train Passing, A.wav" by InspectorJ of Freesound.org, "Mozuchna Korozia" and "Shte Razdavam Pravosudie" by NISHTO