Chapter 3: In the Twilight Zone

Chapter 3: In the Twilight Zone

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. In Sofia it’s even on the map – Zona B-5. In episode 3 we enter the area where one of the last architectural utopias of the communism sank.

The story is told by:

Architect Aneta Vasileva from WhAT Association, specialist in modernist architecture;

MAD, SGB or Makso, “the father of Bulgarian graffiti”;

Adelina Popnedeleva, contemporary artist and founder of the “The 8th of March” group whose video “The Zone” is in the National Arts Gallery collection;

and world famous producer and  DJ KiNK.

Music in the episode: Withdrawal by Krāllār, City Rap Beats by Stankbeat on Freesound, CC BY-NC 3.0, Reinterpreted Twilight Zone Intro by Koryc on Freesound.