Chapter 5: The sea of Sofia

Chapter 5: The sea of Sofia

“It’s going to be magnificent: imagine that in the Sea of Sofia there will be ships, each 30 meters long and 6 meyers high. They will sail by saluting forests, past villas and little hotels, nice restaurants, under tunnels of trees and greenery.”

Sofia Magazine, 1959

With the architects Pavel Popov and Hristo Gentchev

Hristo Butsev, journalist

Johnny Penkov,  documentarian

Ognyan  Georgiev, journalist


Additional sounds in the episode from Freesound.org Rowing2 by Juskiddink; Digging with Pick Axeby Cameronmusic; Seagulls by Eelke; Shoveling Stones by Monotraum; Coast Waves Children by Klankbeeld; Gentle Waves-Quiet Beach  by Amholma.

CC BY 3.0