Chapter 6: Sofia’1968

Chapter 6: Sofia’1968

What was the “World Festival of Youth and Students” and did The Beatles really want to play in Sofia?  

With Ina Valtchanova, writer,  

Hristo Boutsev, “Кultura” newspaper editor,

Johnny Penkov, documentalist, 

Emil Georgiev and Harizan Harizanov – experts on The Beatles.

In this episode we used materials from the collection of the Dossier Committee
"State Security and the World Youth Festival", Sofia Magazine,
the Golden Fund of the Bulgarian National Radio and the personal archive of the Bulgarian National Radio
journalist Tsvetan Tsvetanov. The passage from "Germany, a Dirty Tale" is 
read by Radoslav Chichev. Song - Who Stole the Soul of Rock'n'Roll на 
The Dingees, International City Recordings, 2010,  (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Additional sounds in the episode from Freesound.orgKoscierzyna Fontanna by Zbylut ;  Floyd Filtertron Riding by aceinet; CC BY 3.0